“Our Software Turns Your
Twitter Accounts Into Google Indexing Tweet and Cash Machines”
Amazing Features:
Taps into the Google/Twitter “Firehose” by Creating and Posting Tweets for you…
Allows you to Tweet You or Your Client’s Brand so that they get Indexed by Google
Instantly Find, Follow, and Engage Your Target Twitter Audience
Sneaky “Humanizer” Picks random followers and sends them a “Hey – How’s it going message”
Set & Forget Completely Automated Process.
Profit from Selling this as a Service (SAAS) Easily Generate Thousands Per Month!
"Take our 100% Automated Twitter Software and strap on the afterburners with our
amazing software...TwitterMatic!
Our Artificial Intelligence Based Software Solves The Problem Most People Have With Twitter…It Just Takes Too Much Time! With TwitterMatic, Our Software Does All The Work!
How do I leverage Twitter to get My Tweets Indexed so that I can Drive Traffic, and turn that Twitter Traffic into cold hard cash?
Truth is- Twitter is HUGE for generating “in the moment” targeted traffic Professional marketers “in the know” know exactly how to harness the power of Twitter to drive crazy amounts of traffic to their offer; build huge lists of targeted followers; get those followers “off of Twitter” and onto your sales pages and offers..
Are you ready to learn how to make money from Twitter?

Pick an Authority Account that has your target audience

Follow their followers

Tweet, Retweet, Favorite, and Mention

Drop in your Regular Promotional Messages and watch the traffic and leads pour in
Watch How Google Indexes Tweets!
A straight up search for the term SEO yielded a first page twitter result…. Think this can drive traffic? What if this was your brand or your clients brand?
Think Twitter can land you business?
Here’s Rapper Rick Ross Tweeting looking for “Serious SEO Experts”
What if you could search out those conversations and publically “mention” them on Twitter? Think that would draw attention? What about sending them a Direct Message (DM) about their needs? Think you might get some responses from that? What if you could do this on autopilot?
Want More Proof that Twitter can Drive Traffic and Get Business?
Here's Concrete Proof That Your Twitter Account Can Be a Red Hot Sales Machine!
Mike’s Agency Picked up 2-3 leads per day off of Twitter that generated into COLD HARD CASH –

That’s British Sterling too by the way!
Deals like this were the norm from Twitter- as a matter of fact, Twitter was Mike’s favorite lead machine!
What if You Could Get Tweets Indexed that Drive Traffic that Leads to Leads and Deals Like This Instantly?
Twitter is so in the moment and instant Google Loves This
Up to The Minute, Fresh Content, You Just Have to Get Your Tweets Indexed- and BOOM!
Now You Don’t Have to Engage or Create Content to Tweet-
Let TwitterMatic Do It for you. Let TwitterMatic Generate the Tweets that Get Indexed That Drive Traffic That Generates Sales …
profile-photos-transFrom the desk of
Mike Jones and Gloria Gunn
Our software, TwitterMatic, will AUTOMATE all the Tweets, engagement, favorite-ing, following, un-following, Re-Tweeting for your multiple twitter streams …with just a few clicks!- You Never Have To Create A Single Tweet!

By Automating Your Entire Twitter Account for ALL Activities you Normally Perform on Twitter- You LITERALLY Just have to tell it what to do, who to follow, what authority twitter account’s followers you want for your own, and what to post, and it does it ALL-
Not Only Does It Drive Massive Traffic and Give You Massive Indexing of your TWEETS, You Will Also End Up Answering DMs (Direct Messages) and turn them into deals like this:

Mike landed deals like this all the time!

How about this one?

This person was so impressed with Mike’s Twitter Wizardry, she asked Mike for a Twitter coaching session- Of course Mike said yes- 300 British Sterling to talk about one of Mike’s favorite subjects- Twitter- um yeah why not (LOL)

Here’s a few screenshots of some DMs on one of Mike’s Twitter Accounts:

"Hey Mike we would certainly be interested in how our businesses could work together. CALL Me… Nice –

Hey Mate I would like to discuss how we could work together. My number is ……

"Whaa? That from Twitter?"

Look it- Twitter is huge- Truth be told, a lot of folks are scared of Twitter because they think they have to swim in the stream of thousands of tweets and manage all that…

Here’s the Truth- Twitter is powerful for lead generation
I’m talking not only really good quality leads, but leads that can happen fast.
The beauty of Twitter is that it’s so “In the Moment” You don’t have to spend time cultivating relationships- Where LinkedIn is like “Wining and Dining” Twitter is like “Speed Dating” (I had to say that LOL) Now With the Mighty Google Unleashed on Twitter, Tweets Get Indexed, Which Drives Authority, Builds Brand, Drives Traffic so you Can get More Deals…
Twitter is all about INSTANT, QUICK, FAST, IN THE MOMENT reaching the masses instantly.
If you build your twitter following right (we will show you how- on autopilot) you have a defacto following of your targeted audience, Driving Massive Traffic by Getting Your Tweets Indexed … All on autopilot!
Now, Thanks to the Genius of Mike Jones (The brains behind LinkedIn Sales Factory)….
We now have TwitterMatic-
TwitterMatic Does it all for you- just send and forget:
  • Find an Authority Account on Twitter and Start following their followers- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Retweet Messages- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Regularly Unfollow those that don’t follow you - Done by TwitterMatic
  • Favorite Tweets based on hashtags or keywords- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Share highly engaging content on your multiple Twitter Streams- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Share News on your multiple Twitter streams- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Share Videos on your multiple Twitter Streams- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Mention Promos on your multiple Twitter Streams- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Use Threading and Proxies for Multiple Twitter Accounts- Done by TwitterMatic
  • Auto Follow- Done by TwitterMatic
So Surely Software THIS Powerful Must Be Complicated To Operate?
Check out the 7 steps below and decide for yourself....

Step 1- Put your Twitter Handle and password in
Step 2- Send a Welcome Direct Message (DM) for those that recently Followed you:
Step 3- Engage by doing a welcome mention which alerts them and YOUR followers- This is Huge BTW Its like a big Shout Out “Hey Thanks and Everybody Meet my new TWIEND”!
step 4
Step 4- Favorite other’s TWEETs- This is similar to post liking
Step 5- Retweet to get new Followers
Step 6- Share Content Via RSS, Videos, News Feeds- This keeps your Stream Swimming towards YOU- (This alone will get you 10-15- new followers per day on avg).
Step 7- Tweet out your regular Promotional Message (RPM) That gets you leads and massive engagement!
Need Extra Help? No Problem with Our Guided Help Tour and
Embedded Help Videos
All the “Heavy Lifting” is done for you! Just set it and forget it Let TwitterMatic do the Engagement for you so you can close deals!
Introducing TwitterMatic
  • Instantly Find and Engage Your Targeted Followers the RIGHT WAY
  • Share Relevant Content to build Your Twitter Authority
  • Turn Engagement into Sales- All on AutoPilot

Instant Results

Lightening Fast

Affordable For All

Simple To Use
Cool Guys... But How Do I Turn This into PROFIT?
Great question! After you use our software to automatically build engage your Twitter Following, You’ll use our in-depth training to learn how to take that engagement and turn them into closed deals!
Let Our Tools Build YOUR Credibility, Authority, and Get You Noticed… This Alone Will get You Leads
Here are just SOME of the Ways You can Use TwitterMatic to Generate Cold, Hard, Cash-
dollarsUse it to be seen all over on Twitter
dollarsDrive TONS of Traffic to Your Website
dollarsDrive People to a Squeeze Page and Build Your List
dollarsDrive Traffic to CPA or Amazon
dollarsSell Twitter Managing Services for Thousands Per Month!
Want to Offer Social Media Services? There are folks Charging Several Hundreds per month to manage Social media Accounts- We Make it easy with our Account Management Interface
Bottom Line - This Stuff Works... TwitterMatic will do the following::

  1. Find an Authority Account on Twitter and Start following their followers- All on AutoPilot
  2. Retweet Messages- All on AutoPilot
  3. Regularly Unfollow those that don’t follow you- All on AutoPilot
  4. Favorite Tweets based on hashtags or keywords - All on AutoPilot
  5. Share highly engaging content on your multiple Twitter Streams - All on AutoPilot
  6. Share News on your multiple Twitter streams - All on AutoPilot
  7. Share Videos on your multiple Twitter Streams - All on AutoPilot
  8. Mention Promos on your multiple Twitter Streams - All on AutoPilot
  9. Auto Follow - All on AutoPilot
  10. Randomly Rekindle and reach out and say “Hi” via DM - All on AutoPilot

Hold Up! - There's More
We Provide You With All of This so You can Master Twitter and Use it to Generate Revenue Too!

Real World Value - $197

500 General Social media Tweets you can load up and use over and over again.


Real World Value - $200

20 Editable Twitter Covers to give ALL Your Twitter Accounts Credibility


Real World Value - $197

Complete TwitterMatic Training on EVERY BIT of the Software so that You Know How To Maximize and Profitize Every Aspect of Your Twitter Accounts


Real World Value - $197

Mike’s Private Training Sessions all designed to teach in-depth how to move people through Twitter for the sole purpose of Profit- (For Enterprise Purchasers Only)

By rights, we should be charging a lot of money for all of this.
But we’re not!
We’re on a mission to help as many of you guys as we can have the tools and the training to start making real money using Twitter.
Thats A Total REAL WORLD VALUE of $791
Get TwitterMatic Now from
$197 Just $77
(for 72 Hours Only!)
Secure Your Copy of TwitterMatic and Start Earning Big Now…





The software is yours to use forever

The software is yours to use forever

The software is yours to use forever

Priority Updates

Use on your own twitter account

Use on 5 of your own twitter accounts (personal only)

Unlimited use of twitter profiles (for you and your clients)

Auto Follow User Followers

You or Your Clients Profiles

Auto Unfollow

You or Your Clients Profiles


You or Your Clients Profiles

Retweet based on Keywords/hashtags

You or Your Clients Profiles

Favorite Tweets based on Keyword/hashtags

You or Your Clients Profiles

Share RSS Feeds on your own profile

You or Your Clients Profiles

Share News on your own profile

You or Your Clients Profiles

Share Videos on your own profile

You or Your Clients Profiles

Share Google News Feeds on your own profile

You or Your Clients Profiles

Regular Promotional Messages

You or Your Clients Profiles

Send Customized Tweets on your own profiles

You or Your Clients Profiles

Profile Management

You or Your Clients Profiles

Threading and Proxies

You or Your Clients Profiles

Mention Promos

You or Your Clients Profiles

Rekindle Randomizer (picks random users that follow you and automatically sends them a message- “hey@name how are you today?” (This is huge by the way)

You or Your Clients Profiles

Auto follow back with built in filters based on number of followers (this is huge by the way)

You or Your Clients Profiles

Gloria’s Favorite – Friday Follow (finds users that have been retweeting and does an automatic #ff – only on Fridays (This is Gloria’s favorite by the way)

You or Your Clients Profiles

Mike’s Bonus Twitter Master Class Training

Only $77.00!
Only $127.00!
Only $97.00! Black Friday!
Lets Recap
Here's what you're getting when you purchase TwitterMatic...
  • Our 7 step software you’ll use to drive inbound messages through mega engagement- the right way
  • Complete Training on how to use Twitter Correctly For the SOLE purpose of Money
  • Done for you Bonus content designed to drive engagement
  • Done for you Tweets designed to drive massive engagement for your target audience

 Try TwitterMatic  for 7-Days Risk Freemoney-back
We are so confident that you will absolutely love our software that we are offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

Let Us  Bottom Line This For You:
Do You Want to Finally Profit From Social Media?
You Can With TwitterMatic!
Once you purchase, you’ll get an email from our membership site (TwitterMatic.com). Open that email and login. Next download the software. You’ll receive your license key in a separate email. Once you install the software, just pop in the license, and you’ll be good to go.
Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does TwitterMatic Do for Me?

Can’t I just do all this Manually?
TwitterMatic is set and forget software that automatically builds your Twitter account for you in a laser targeted way. All you do is find a big Twitter account in your niche, load up TwitterMatic, and Schedule your Tasks, press the button. It does the rest!
You can build out Twitter accounts manually, if you want. We did as we were learning. But, it’s such boring work, who would want to? While you’ve been sitting there reading this sales letter, you could have been building out more Twitter accounts, and setting yourself up to make more money.
Your choice. Manual or automated. We KNOW what we do. We automate as much as possible so we can spend our time playing while our software like TwitterMatic makes money for us.

Does this Manage multiple Accounts?

How Can I make money with Twitter?
Yes Twitter is one of the social media platforms that allows multiple accounts. We help you capitalize on that by providing a Single profile manager so you can manage you and your client’s Twitter Accounts.
You can do what Mike does which is target an audience then DM them and create leads to close for web design, seo, coaching, or any other service you sell. We also use Twitter to promote our products and webinars. You can also do massive list building using our Twitter Engine Technique, or drive traffic to CPA offers, with Twitter being so instant and in your face- It’s easy to drive instant, targeted engagement.
profile-photos-transFrom the desk of
Mike Jones and Gloria Gunn

PS: TwitterMatic is set and forget software that automatically builds your Twitter account for you in a laser targeted way. All you do is find a big Twitter accounts in your niche, load up TwitterMatic, do a wee bit of set up, and press the button. It does the rest!

PPS: What Types of businesses will this work for? We’ve used it ourselves for consulting businesses, software business, and local businesses. You can also use this if you’re an affiliate marketer and you want to use Twitter to sell affiliate products, CPA offers, drive massive traffic, it’s virtually unlimited.

PPPS: Is it guaranteed? Yes, 7 days, no questions. Just so you know, this is licensed software. If you get a refund, we’re pulling your license and your software will quit working.

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